Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rebels: It's Show Time!

I have just one bit of advice for this year's edition of the Red Deer Rebels...

Win... and win often!

Easy to say, I know.  I say it not because I have the power to do anything if they don't... but because their General Manager does.

In an exclusive interview for our next episode of 'Southside Dodge Rebels This Week', Brent Sutter told be he isn't about to sit idly by the sidelines if this current assembled group struggles early.

Here are a couple of highlights from our chat...

His overview of what he saw during training camp...

"The kids, they're a hard working group.  There's good character here.  We've done a good job of finding the right people in terms of player personnel.  But now with a different GM in place I have some different thoughts that I'm gonna implement... whether it's through some personnel changes or just whether it's through how I want to see the team play."

Thoughts on the Rebels current group of players...

"I guess I'm very guarded.  We had a tough time scoring goals last year, and I know injuries had a big part in that.  But now being healthy and going through exhibition I sense that.  I sense that we're a team that not going to score goals easily, we gotta work for everything we get.  So there's things that I have to do as a General Manager that I have to address and I've been slowly working at that.  It's not thinking you've got to make a big bang, a big change, but it's tweaking things in certain areas to make your hockey club better."

"We do need to improve, obviously, in certain areas."

My full interview with the Owner/President/General Manager can be seen on the show starting Tuesday.

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