Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Countdown To The Home Opener...

Four weeks after it began... training camp for the Red Deer Rebels is over.

Rookies and veterans.  Free Agents and draftees.  Forwards.  Defense.  Goalies.  Just as a reporter, training camp is a lot to (try to) keep up with.  I can't imagine what Rebels brass goes through!

Anyway, the slicing and dicing and wheeling and dealing is pretty much done.  We know what this year's edition of the Red Deer Rebels will look like... for the most part.

Here's a quick rundown of the 24 players on the Rebels roster as of Tuesday afternoon...

  Patrik Bartosak '93
  Bolton Pouliot '94

  Devan Fafard '94
  Jan Bittner '93
  Haydn Fleury '96
  Stephen Hak '94
  Kayle Doetzel '95
  Mathew Dumba '94
  Riley Boomgaarden '94

  Conner Bleackley '96
  Turner Elson '92
  Cory Millette '95
  Colten Mayor '93
  Charles Inglis '92
  Jesse Miller '94
  Joel Hamilton '94
  Chad Robinson '93
  Scott Feser '95
  Brooks Maxwell '94
  Tyson Ness '93
  Adam Kambeitz '92
  Marc McCoy '94
  *Cody Thiel '95

Of note, Wyatt Johnson is not listed on the Rebels website roster.  But he remains with the team on a tryout basis and will suit up once his healthy enough to do so (concussion).

I have Cody Thiel listed here as a forward after his audition up front during preseason action.

Readers, give me your thoughts...

Who are you surprised to still see here? 

Who did the Rebels cut/reassign that you think should still be here instead?

Who will lead this team in scoring?  Will be there enough scoring?

What are your expectations for the Rebels this season?  Playoffs? Second round?  Basement dwellers?

The countdown to Friday's home opener is on.  No chance of a lockout screwing us out of a fun night at the rink!



Anonymous said...

After watching them play in Stettler and Lacombe, if Elson or Kambeitz go down with injury, this is going to be a longgggggg season

Anonymous said...

They Re-assigned my favorite player

anonymous said...

not sure why they wouldn't be trying to develop this team? we are in for a loooong season. Thank goodness we have a GREAT goal-tending...

Anonymous said...

I'm a little afraid - considering in the last several years the Rebels have been 50/50 in their preseason games and this year they didn't have one win. I know preseason is different than regular season but just comparing with previous years. That being said I am hoping for a good start and an injury free season. I am not very optimistic that the team will do much more than they have in the last 5 years. It almost seems as if the focus is developing the player but not the team. Would sure love a nice playoff run, it's time!