Friday, March 23, 2012

"Hot Rocks Hodgson"

It's been quite a week for Lacombe curler Colin Hodgson.

The former Alberta junior champion was selected by David Nedohin to play third for the Edmonton skip's newly formed rink for the 2012-2013 season. Nedohin announced a brand-new lineup following teammate Randy Ferbey's retirement from competitive curling. Calgary's Mike Westlund will play second. Grande Prairie's Tom Sallows will play lead.

"It was a big surprise" Hodgson admitted during out phone chat yesterday. "You never expect someone like that to give you a call to play. I was pretty shocked but excited at the same time."

Hodgson says the newly-formed team will spend quite a bit of time bonding as they get set for the 2012-2013 season... meaning there will likely be plenty of golf in their near future.

Colin also has reason to smile over his first foray into the world of coaching.

Hodgson spent quite a bit of time over the past two years working as a defacto Assistant Coach with the South Koreans. It all came about while Colin was with his junior team in Calgary.

"The girls come to Calgary for about a month at a time. They came and practiced and were looking for some games. So we got a few people together and played some games against them and they were like 'hey why don't you come help us out a bit' and I was like 'ok, why not!'"

And while he somewhat jokingly takes credit for their success this week in Lethbridge, Hodgson says the South Koreans are fully deserving of their 8-3 round robin record.

"They're a great group of girls. Their [head] coach is awesome and they work harder than anyone I've seen."

Should his playing career not pan out the way he hopes it eventually will, Hodgson admits coaching is something he would like to pursue.

"I was talking just the other day with Mike McEwen [from Winnipeg] and Scott Howard [Ontario] and we were thinking that's a great possible future career thing to do. Travel around and be 'coaches for hire' and see if you can improve teams not only in Canada but around the world. So that's maybe a possible future business endeavor I'm looking it."

Big ambitions for sure. If successful it would make for quite a 'world rock tour.'

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